SS3150 Uint 8 Research Paper.docx

SS3150 Uint 8 Research Paper.docx

Qualitative Research: Fashion Apparel & its Experience/Impact on Life
Brandon Campbell
ITT-Technical Institute Richardson
Unit 8 Research Paper

DR. John L. Fritz
June 03, 2015

Almost no two people have the same dress style. Some like accessories and some don’t and even color scheme matters. Most people have different dress styles depending on what’s going on. When the activity is taking place is one of the single most important influential factors. Social involvement vs alone time also matters. There are literally too many factors to consider to reach them all so I narrowed down the most important.

Have you ever wondered why fashion trends exist? Are they internally or externally motivated? I tend to believe that every person dresses how they do because of the things that they enjoy. Many people believe that fashion is influenced by celebrities or “what’s hot” at the moment.
Mass Media tries to capture the public’s eye on everything including fashion apparel. Celebrities play a big part in this. From Rip the Runway to Red Carpet events, it’s fashion, fashion, fashion. Other targeted areas are television networks such as Disney channel, VH1, BET, MTV, and magazines like Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Cosmopolitan.
Literature Review and Background
The anatomy of the luxury fashion brand
The luxury fashion brand industry needs to rethink how they market their products, manufacture them, and how they advertise them. These major factors are contributing to societal harm, especially among customers. Some products are made in overseas sweatshops which are harmful to workers and have unfair and harsh working conditions. Luxury fashion apparel is harmful in the fact the many people rely on them for social status and without them they feel less self-worth, self-confidence, etc. the prices are also too high. Combine that together and this means a more emotionally stressed culture. Another factor is...

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