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Planning for Business Change with Information Technology
Chapter 7

Understand some of the key issues facing managers in the planning and implementation of business changes supported by information technology
Introduction- Planning
Focuses effort and resources on long term, general objective and yet provides a foundation for short term activities.
Provides framework for action

Introduction- strategic planning
Continuous and systematic process where people make decisions about intended future outcomes
A systematic cycle of events that help an organization understand fundamental issues, define policy choices and establish priorities for action.
Benefits form strategic planning process
Integrated development of consistent goals, objectives, strategies, policies and functions throughout the org.
Provide a process for deciding in advance what/when/how it is to be done, and who is going to do it
Clarifies future direction
Focuses resources on the highest prioroties
Benefits form strategic planning process - cont
Help make today’s decisions in light of the future consequences
Facilitate strategic thinking and acting throughout the org.
Help manage in a turbulent environment
Resolve important issues
Maintains continuity
Gets the whole org. moving in the same direction
Organization Planning

Planning – Deciding what to do before we do it
Plan – a result of the planning process and a basic for action
Organization planning process
Evaluating what they have accomplished and the resources they have acquired
Analyzing the environment
Anticipating future development
Deciding on what goals they want to achieve
Deciding what action to be taken to achieve the goal.
Planning Terminology
Rules and procedure

Type of Planning
Deals with the development of an org. mission, goals, strategies and policies
Involves the design of tactics,...