action by reasoning it.

Religious views and actions should, as well, be backed up by reason. Just because religious leader think something is the way it is, doesn’t mean that it is true.

Humans are not naturally bad, although society, indirectly, forces them to, by dividing and conquering instead of uniting and equalizing the roles of people in society.

This belief is the one of society being more perfect, as in getting rid of privileges of some group or applying it to everyone equally.

This is the belief of woman playing a greater role in society that they should get involved in politics (a voice or right) and other aspect in life that restricted woman to do so.

The philosophes would have felt that the monarchy was unnecessary to society, way too much wealth and privileges were distributed unequally.

The church itself did not give any reason to why its doctrines were true or why things are the way they are. It increasingly seemed that there was a corruption of power, and an abuse of privileges of the church.

Change within societies was vitally needed, things seemed to head in a wrong direction, the misleading of the society can only be improved by transforming roles in the society and by critical thinking about all aspects of life/society.

Laura Bassi is known for playing a role in the development of science in the 18th century. Although a role like that, for a woman in the ancient regime, was very difficult. On the other hand, philosphes believed in greater roles for woman.

Philosophe Principle Enlightened Despot Action
Government Believed that all government power should come from the consent of the governed
Never claimed that power came from God.
The Law Church court and other are not running in the favor of justice. Equality of all people...