St Maroun

St Maroun

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St Maroun and the early history of the Maronites.
St Maroun was born in the middle of the 4th century in Syria.
He started a new spiritual thing that many people in Syria and Lebanon wanted to become his disciple. St. Maroun's first disciple Abraham of Cyrus, who was called the Apostle of Lebanon, realized that there were many non-Christians in Lebanon, so he set out to convert them to Christianity by introducing them to the way of St. Maroun.
The Maronites followed to St. Maroun way of goodness, a Syrian hermit of the late 4th and early 5th centuries. The Maronites maintained their religion and customs under the protection of France. The first maronites were direct of the people who had received the faith from the apostle st peter the maronites monks became to seek refuge in Lebanon, where st. maroun was transferred to the patriarchal residence in kafarhai.

What is a rite? Some differences between the Maronite rite & the Roman rite.
A rite is a liturgy practices and customs of different churches.
Also of how Christians live, pray what god they believe in and how they worship their own god. Roman Church and with the Pope Some that call themselves Catholics are really just Protestants who attempt to still lay claim to Apostolic succession. Roman Catholic recognizes Rome as the headquarters of the one Church. The maronites believes in the pope and follows him. The maronites people take the bread in their mouths and sometimes in their hands. The maronites pope was st maroun who went to Lebanon.

Maronites in Australia.
The maronites arrived to Australia in middle of the 19th century. Until 1889 until the Maronite priest arrived.
In 1973 a Maronite archbishop abdo khalife was pointed to lead the church in Australia. The Maronite church has its own structure.
Maronites have organized such as schools and other educational stuff for kids.
The Maronite church is one of the eastern catholic churches. Maronites comes from st maroun. The...

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