Staff Functions

Staff Functions

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Importance of Staff Function

No Chief Executive of any large organization can function without the help of staff agencies. Functions of Chief Executive being so multifarious and area of operation being so large, it is impossible for him to guide his subordinates, much less control them. But, why this distinction between the line and staff functions? Can the line people not perform the functions which have to be categorized as staff functions?

The answers to these questions are not simple. Probably in a small and simple organization, the Chief Executive may be able to perform all the functions wit the help of few people, he might be supervising. But in a large and complicated organization this does not appear possible. The jobs to be performed are too many and too complicated to be supervised by one persons. For this and several other reasons the diversion of work between line and staff becomes essential. Some of these reasons are indicated below:
(i) Action or line people, who are hierarchical leaders, are not
intellectually inclined. They do not find it easy to indulge in the
luxury of detained fact-finding and analysis required for staff-

(ii) There is a natural resistance to change in the line organizations,
It is difficult to look at one’s work critically ad to suggest and
implement changes.

(iii) Thinking is a difficult job. The line people, being busy with
their arduous line duties find it difficult to take up any serious
thinking job.

(iv) Fast change in the techniques of data collection, communication
etc. requires more knowledgeable workers to process it.

It is, therefore, obvious that unless separate staff is provided for their
staff-work. Thus important aspect will get neglected. The Chief
Executive will not get the support he needs and the lower down line
workers will not get the technical guidance...

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