Staffing Organization

Staffing Organization

Staffing Plan for a Growing Business
BUS 335: Staffing Organizations
August 20, 2015


As a Human Resources Manager of an expanding technology company I have been tasked with providing a staffing plan for a newly awarded contract to build and provide remote surveillance cameras to various government agencies, first in our own state and later if we are successful, outside our state. This expansion will require us to secure a bigger facility and hire more staff to sustain the first part of the contract. We will need to hire ten (10) Assembly Technicians, one (1) Certified Quality Control Engineer, one (1) Contract Administrator, and one (1) Office Support Paraprofessional. Now that we have a determination on what is required for staffing up for this contract we now need to examine the availability of candidates for these positions and how we will achieve the goal of staffing effectively.

The contract stipulates that we must present a staffing plan prior to the contract being awarded. We begin by ensuring that our plan covers the most efficient and productive manner to bring on the additional staff with a fair and consistent practice that can be effectively measured. Keeping in mind our staffing organization model cited in our book Staffing Organizations by Heneman, we begin with our mission and goal objectives including a brief overview of the organizations strategy and the HR and Staffing Strategy. This follows with our staffing policies and programs with emphasis on our Core Staffing Activities.
Once we have examined the different staffing models we settle on a traditional staffing model where we would hire directly (internal and external) for some of the positions and pair it with a flexible workforce by using temporary employees and then switching them over to core staff later on when we determine that the business model can sustain it, thereby providing the efficiency, productivity and allowing for...

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