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Task 1 – Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting organisations

In this assignment I will be describing the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting organisations. The two organisations I have chosen are Asda and Oxfam these are two types of business which are different to each other.

Asda is one of the organisations that I have chosen, it is an international organisation, one of the best value home shopping and home delivery grocery stores in the UK, and it has also become part of the wal-mart family in June 1999 for an offer of £6.7 billion which Asda really couldn’t because of its outstanding debts. After joining the Wal-Mart family pace has picked and is running successfully. Asda’s main aim is to maximise profit.

Another organisation I have chosen Oxfam which is also an international organisation which is working along with 13 other groups around the world. Oxfam tries to put an end to worldwide poverty they do this by providing tools to enable people to become self supporting and those open markets of international trade where crafts and produce from poorer regions of the world can be sold at fair price to benefit the producer. Oxfam works with partners and communities on long term programmes to exterminate poverty and fight injustice. There are many fund raising events taking place which raise money for Oxfam as well as other business which represent them.
Asda and Oxfam are both international organisations the benefits of both organisations being worldwide is that they will have a much wider customer base which means that they will have more people donating and buying because they are based around the world.

Asda operates across England, America, and Canada the main benefits for Asda to operate on a large scale are that they will make more profits in a shorter period of time. The reason for this is because in the UK alone they have got 356 stores from which they generate their money from. And...

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