Standards and Procedures EST1

Standards and Procedures EST1

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Ethics Program for Company X

Standards and Procedures
The roll out for Company X standard operation procedures and policies begins with Code of Conduct. This policy includes standards and procedures, ethics training, planning, monitoring, auditing and reporting procedures. This program will be followed by all employees to include top managers and executives.
Benefits of written operating policies is business led in the direction of growth with corporate expectations and goals. Employees are encouraged to do the right thing and provides a safe and positive environment to do business.
All company personal will follow local, federal and state laws and regulations. Some local policies include rules that apply to our infrastructure such as employee parking and company security.
Employees shall avoid favoritism by refusal to accept gifts of any kind from company personal and outside organizations.
Every employee has the right to be treated fairly and equally, free of harassment and discrimination of all circumstances.
Company resources are only utilized for company business to include office supplies, telephones, computers and company time.

Ethics Training Program:

Ethics training is an important tool for company and employee success. This training program will help shape the company’s way of conducting business now and in the future. Implementing a training program will help personnel to better understand and make good ethical decisions.
New employees within thirty days of employment will be required to attend a four hour code of conduct course given by the Ethics Officer.
Refresher training takes place annually on the birth month of each employee. Topics for this training range from workplace safety to sexual harassment, discrimination and financing practices. All employees shall be allotted time to complete this training by their managers. A certificate can be printed upon completion and will be placed in the employee’s...

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