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Standards Paper

Data Communication and Networking


Any agreed, repeatable and commonly used way of doing something is known as standards. I believe standards are a way to measure and increase efficiency of any goods and services produced or rendered. For example a Mac OS user and a Windows OS user are able to browse through the same website today without having to be bothered if their system would support the website requirement; it is because of the HTTP protocol which has not become standard for the internet. Standards are generally created taking into consideration the expertise and the experience of all the interested parties such as the seller, buyer, product, process and the service. My paper will aim at enlighten the reader about business networks and various facets of business networks in today’s global economy.

One of the biggest reasons why standards are very important for business networks is because of the interoperability. I believe every appliance (hardware or software) is governed by at least one standards; I believe it would be virtually impossible to connect to the internet without having standards that everyone uses. Standards are supposed to make our lives easier and this is where open standards come into the existence. As mentioned before standards are created taking into consideration all the parties; standards are generally created by standards organizations who take a neutral position with regards to the technology side of things; Their Most of the standards organizations are not-for-profit organization

A standards organization are entities whose primary activities is to develop, coordinate, promulgate, revise, amend, reissue, interpret, or otherwise maintain standards that address the interests of a wide base of users outside the standards development organization which is the reason why I mentioned that most of them are neutral towards the technology side of things.

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