Star Wars

Star Wars

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Star wars was the father of modern of film industry. It was a promising,well made film that had a great contribution to the way modern films are made. The characters acting, the costumes, and the creative use of special effects added a lot to the movie. The enviroment, the film took place in, the unfamiliar planets, the aliens, the spaceships, and the space wars all demanded a masterful and realistic production. That’s what gave “Star Wars” most of it’s credit, and that’s where previous films would fall behind.

The acting of the characters was pretty good, and proved to be realistic. It also enabled the reader to get to know each character in the desired way through their performance. Since the film dipicts a futuristic theme, where robots, aliens and humans, get to live together, the viewer may get mixed up in the way the different characters might react to each other if it was not close enough to how most human minds would picture it, and that’s where the characters persuasive acting contributed fairly well to the movie. For example, most people think of aliens as weird creatures, and a possible communication or interaction with humans for them would be limited. That was clearly demonstrated in the movie, when the desert aliens first spotted the robot, and tried to hide themselves, and afterwards acted agressivelly toward the robot. Also, the only way those aliens interacted with the humans was in selling robots to them. They did’nt understand much of each others languages. And the way those

desert aliens lived separately in the desert away from humans, supports that much of a cultural interaction didn't take place. Moreover, the character Luke Sky walker was successfully introduced as a teenager who like most of teenagers, doesn’t like to do too much work, and wants to spend more time hanging out with his friends, or to seek adventures.

The special effects in the movie “Star Wars” were creative, and advanced back when the movie was first introduced....

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