Starbucks and International Business

Starbucks and International Business

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Our country is filled with crime, but it is slowly getting better. However, the criminals, burglars, and murderers do not start out like that. It always is past experiences and secrets which are always haunting at them. Unfortunately all the child is not able to talk to anybody because their parents are either dead, in jail, or to busy with work to care. The children end up going through stages to finally become full fledged criminals

According to Julee Newberger of the Connect Network for Kids since 1980 seventy-five percent of all jailed women are mothers. This is a huge problem, because the most important adult in a child's life is usually his mother. Not only are they all in jail, but their kids can not visit them more than once a year therefore making them feel, according to National Council on Crime and Delinquency, trauma, anxiety, guilt, and fear (Newberger). This has a negative children's academic achievement, and the children end up doing bad things to gain attention. Here it falls on the teachers to make a difference in kids' life, however many just push them away to the principal, passing them to the next grade, or just suspending them from school.

After nothing goes their way in school the children end up dropping out of school. Unfortunately, with nothing to do the kids go to the streets, meet the wrong people, and get into trouble with the police. I think that some of the arresting officers should take matters into their own hands here instead of pushing them to the courts so the police do not deal with the responsibility of taking care of them. However, the police do not, and this gives the children the feeling that again, nobody loves them or cares for them After they go to court kids get sent to juvenile justice system and according to the Tucson school system, which is known for their good student behavior, that over the years when the kids are pushed toward the juvenile justice system, they have been recorded to become worst...

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