starbucks business

starbucks business

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Howard Schultz
Chairman, President and CEO
joined in 1982
Key influence in developing Starbuck’s differentiation strategy
Inspired by trip to Italy (brought Italian coffee house tradition to America)
Responsible for creating policies that gave comprehensive health coverage to part and full time employees
Partners offered equity in the company (bean stock)
Chairman since 2000
Left for a period since 2000 and came back as CEO in 2008 after declining sales
Named Forbes business person of the year in 2011 for delivering record financial returns
Was named Time’s “200 most influential people in the world”

Troy Alstead
Chief Operating Officer
Responsible for day to day operations
Responsible for alignment and prioritization of investments
Works closely with technology, finance and supply chain operational leaders
Has been with Starbucks since 1992
Has held many financial positions in Starbucks from corporate finance to tax and treasury functions
One of the original members of the starbucks international team
Led operations and development of the international business as VP for starbucks international
COO of Starbucks’ China before being COO in 2014

Starbucks Business Strategy

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Good morning. Before I get into the meat of the Starbucks strategy I wanted to talk a little about What Starbucks has been able to accomplish through an effective business strategy development and execution. I don’t know how many of you have instagram but Starbucks is now the number 1 company mentioned in instagram which is a lot of free advertising, and obviously is a part of pop culture. Here you see that someone actually got a Starbucks tattoo!!
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So this is just a little video Molly made for us showing some of the different ways that people are connected to starbucks and have a relationship with this company that extends way farther then just a liking to their product. Its almost as if they are...

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