State of Mind

State of Mind

Chapter 1 Vocabulary Words / Marriage and Family      

Birth rate number of births per 1000 women in childbearing years (15-44 yrs of age)
Cohabitation living with someone in an intimate setting, sexual relationship not married
Conflict Theory contradictory interests, inequalities, resulting in conflict and change Definition of the situation if the situation is real, it will have real consequences
Emotional loneliness has fewer relationships than desired
Exchange theory views social interaction as a cost-benefit analysis
Extended family group of three of more generations as an outgrowth
Familism value of family living
Family of origin family into which one is born
Integration state of being a significant and meaningful part of a group
Intimacy relationship characterized by mutual commitment, affection, and sharing
Loneliness feeling of isolation from desired relationships
Myth a belief that is accepted uncritically
Nuclear family a group composed of husband, wife, and children…if any
Social class group of people with similar income, education, and occupational prestige
Social loneliness having less interaction with others than you desire
Symbolic interaction theory views humans as cognitive creatures shaped by interactions
Systems theory focuses on social system and how they maintain order
Theory related propositions that comprise explanation of social phenomena
Values things preferred because they are defined as being worthy and desirable

Vocabulary in sentences:

The Birth Rate of women in their 30’s seem to be slowing down according to research.
My best friend and her boyfriend have been cohabitating 5 yrs now.
Conflict theory demonstrated how women are still struggling for equality
Emotional loneliness has caused many people to commit suicide.
Phil’s “definition of the situation” caused many conflicts with his spouses fidelity.
Exchange theory can be very unhealthy if the “cost” is too high.
My Extended family can be...

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