Statement of Purpose: Management Studies

Statement of Purpose: Management Studies

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Statement of Purpose

"There are no short cuts to success" is my firm belief, that’s one of the reasons why I would put myself in the bracket of a hardworking, dedicated and a focused Student. People who know me describe me as a very dependable, responsible, and honest, active, intelligent and a focused individual.

A person who can lead, keeping in mind the value and importance of everybody’s opinion and views. I have always been a Good leader, may it be at work, sports or any other social activities, which is why I have chosen Business Administration in order to build on my skills and abilities towards the creation of wealth and for the benefit of the society at large. The movement towards a global economy and unprecedented explosion of free trade and exchange worldwide has brought about immense opportunities to develop newer tools, instruments and methodologies in the field of international business.

Having completed my Bachelors in Management Studies from the prestigious
St. Andrews has made my understanding of business studies really strong. Strong quantitative skills, familiarity with computer applications and experience gained while working on various college projects have helped me to develop sharp analytical abilities and have given me the confidence to tackle advanced problems on a macro level.

When I reflect on my career progress so far, I am pleased but far from satisfied, professional work experience at JP Morgan Chase, selected over hundreds of applicants by Goldman Sachs (Analyst) and head-hunted by the renowned Epicenter Technologies, I have grown tremendously both professionally and personally, but the more I learned, the more I realized how much more there was to learn.

Being a part of the investment Banking, I learnt the usual - problem-solving approach, research skills, ability to perform under stringent deadlines, the skill of organizing complex and disparate data into meaningful information, healthy team spirit, handling client...

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