Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

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Intended major : Chemistry
Degree sought : M.S

As we transverse through the realms of imagination and connect with the world of reality, we build personal paradigms, few, which mould our future and stand the test of time. It was one such paradigm that was the reason and conviction behind my decision to opt for CHEMISTRY as my graduate major.

As an applicant for MS CHEMISTRY program at your university, I would like to provide a brief account of my own interests and ambitions in pursuing the graduate study in your esteemed University.

I have been interested in sciences since my childhood. I wondered at the astronomical number of compounds that carbon forms, which inspired me to choose Chemistry as my major field of study in my Master of Science. As a part of this interest only I choose to study Pharmacy at undergraduate level.


I would like to present my past performances as my credentials for success in future endeavors. My academic performance was good & this acted as a booster &made me look at future with confidence & excitement. My schooling provided me with the much needed information for a scientific approach in life. I learned that just having interest is not sufficient & that it needs to be supplemented with hardwork & determination to succeed. I scored 91.6% in the 10th grade. This result filled me withmore confidence & left me with a predilection for academics. Then came the phase
of pre-university examination(10+2) in which i secured 94.5%. It was this fascination & years of hard work resulted in my selection in engineering and medicine common entrance test ( EAMCET ) in which I was ranked among the top 3% of one lakh candidates which fetched me an admission into the University College Of Pharmaceutical Science, Kakatiya university, Warangal. It is one of the best pharmacycollege in our state with excellent faculty & competitive environment.

An exhilarating career in the field of chemistry has always...

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