Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

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Application guideline
The application period is between 1 October - 1 December.

Making an Application:
All applicants must submit the online application form through the University of Bergen online application system "Søknadsweb". Detailed information about admission and documentary requirements will be given at the “Søknadsweb” online application site. We require all documents to be scanned from original documentation. We do not accept faxed or e-mailed applications/documents /transcripts.

Step 1: Log in
Use the link found in the section above to go to the online application system, and log in with your email address. Follow the instructions given on the “Søknadsweb”.

Step 2: Contact information
Please make sure that the information under ‘personal information’ is correct: contact address, mobile phone number, preferred language, etc. Contact address: Please use your private address, not your university address. It is important that you enter the city code/post code and city to make your address complete even though these areas not marked with an asterisk. Click on "OK - save" to continue. You will then be directed to the "My application"-page.

Step 3: My application
Select the programme (s) you wish to apply for. Please read the course descriptions carefully and make sure you satisfy all the admission requirements before applying.

Step 4: Documentation - uploading documents
You must upload the Application cover sheet together with the relevant documents. Allowable document types are PDF, DOC, DOCX or TXT. The maximum file size limit for an uploaded document is set to 15 MB. We request that you upload only documents that are relevant for your application for admission. The documents must be uploaded under the "Education" section or under "Other documents" by clicking on “Add certification/diploma”. Add certification/diploma: • Fill in information about the name of the institution, the duration of your education and a description of your...

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