Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

As a human being of the age of Technology, we can undoubtedly admit that man-machine interaction as well as intelligence has already become a challenging issue. Moreover, though the decision making ability is produced by the intelligence of mankind, now a days in certain areas of Artificial or Machine intelligence is far smarter than that of human. This fact of developing science was introduced to me as a tiny branch of the vast tree of adventure during the beginning of my study ___________________.

As the time passed, I have discovered more and more fields of study. Especially the related courses like Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence along with my undergraduate thesis on Data Mining devoted me highly to explore my knowledge in the field of Machine Learning.

Besides securing praiseworthy grades in almost all the steps of my academic journey, I felt keen interest in research. As a result, I have found that to make a machine learn and give it an artificial intelligence, extracting useful data is necessary and as a result of my intension to research on this area I have prepared different papers on Data Mining and published them in different referred Conference Proceedings as well as journals.

After completion of graduation I have joined -----------------------. During my professional carrier, I have got the opportunity to study and different courses specially Pattern recognition and Image Processing, Compiler, Software Development and Programming with different languages including C, C++, JAVA etc. My gathered knowledge and interest in my academic scope along with the experiences I have obtained, have bound me to explore my carrier, by higher study in Computer Science. The objective to gain more matured knowledge in the field specified can be fulfilled at its best level with the involvement in the program of ______ and in touch supervision of the highly experienced faculties of _______.

Your positive reply will able me to develop my carrier...

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