Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose


Name: Jayanth
Qualification: B.Tech
Course Aspiring: M.S in Computer Science

When I was in school, computer started revolutionizing the economic phase of India thereby ensuring changes in life style of people by making it more and more luxurious. It had always been a mystery to me how come a small machine does such miracles? This question made me inquisitive to learn about computers and unlock my mystery. Eventually it led me to undertake computer science as my under graduate course. I choose to have masters in Computer Science, as it paved way for many challenging avenues and as well as to broaden my vision in computer science by gaining knowledge.

My objective for graduate studies in Computer Science is to prepare myself for the long term goal of pursuing a career in the field of computer science engineering. Though my association with computer is not an archaic one, I have found my fondness in computer after my enrollment into the under graduation course. In my under graduation, the inquisitiveness to unlock my mystery about computer has exposed me to the enormous potential of this ever developing field. This field left me out fascinated with its various versatile yet facile natured subjects. I gained a substantial practical knowledge through various projects.

I was given training in the basics of the operation and the applications of the computers during my school days. I was constantly being taught different concepts of computer since my high school. The various concepts that I am thorough with, in school, are Word, QBasic and C Fundamentals. Science has been my favorable subject right from my school days and has always been one among the toppers of my class. I have even represented my school in many competitions. I have been the member of the quiz team of our school that has won many competitions.

After my higher secondary I was determined to secure for myself a position in the Computer Science field, which deals...

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