Statement of Purpose2

Statement of Purpose2

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I was born in Palpa, Nepal in 1972. My interest in civil/infrastructure engineering blossomed during my high school years, the time when civil engineers were working for big hydroelectric project near my place. I was going to study science to have the burning desire of becoming a civil engineer. This was well reflected during my undergraduate study in civil engineering in that I consistently did well in each semester and was given full tuition fee waiver and monthly stipend. I was ranked in dean's list of top 50ut of 96 students enrolled in the program. More importantly, it was after my graduate study at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Bangkok, one of the most prestigious institutions in Asia-Pacific region I was overwhelmingly inspired and motivated for research works. Majoring in Construction Engineering and Management at AIT, I have obtained CGPA 3.44 out of 4 with 31 credits of coursework and a research thesis with very good grades.

Currently, I am research scholar in Department of Building, National University of Singapore. My overall GPA in department's M.Sc Project Management program stands 4.75 out of 5. In the meantime, I also hold graduate student researcher position in the department. I am extensively involved in research works. The first research project is just finished. The project is about management of innovation in construction. This included conducting an extensive literature reviews, specifying research question, and designing research that would help effectively answer the research question. From this project, I coauthored two journal papers and one conference paper. Now, I am involved in another research project, which aims to develop proper scheduling strategies for construction project. Furthermore, I was also involved in teaching assistants for undergraduate students for one semester. Detail information is mentioned in my curriculum vitae.

Being involved in research...

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