statement review

statement review

Scott Turley


Role of a Manager

Managers Role within Functional Area of Business

What is the role of a Manager within the functional areas of business? I would say to understand this question you would first have to look at what is functional areas of business and how do they operate. One definition is a “grouping of individuals on the basis of the function each performs in the organization, such as accounting, marketing, manufacturing, or grouping of activities or processes on the basis of their need in accomplishing one or more task.” With this definition one could assume that a Manager within a functional area of business would probably be responsible for the day to day activities of that particular section, team or group. What does this mean day to day activities and how does it play out in a global business world where managers and those being managed might be in the same building or could be in different cities or states or even possibly in different countries.

What is a Manager?
In our ever changing world of business managers have had to change the way they manage people in there departments. From the old days of walking around keeping an eye on your employee’s making sure they are working within the standards set by upper level managers to leading a conference call from halfway around the world. Today’s managers are not the same as they once were and there roles have changed greatly in the business world. To better understand what a manager does let us first look at what a manager is. A Manager “ is someone who uses authority and reason for efficient and effective problem solving and to mobilize, coordinate, and control organizational resources by the use of standardized procedures that are part of organizational policy”{Prevodinik, M., & Biloslavo, R,. 2009, P87}.
By understanding what the role of a manager is once can assert that a manager’s primary role is...

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