Statergic Management

Statergic Management

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MB 0036 / MH 0045
Strategic Management and Business Policy Contents
Unit 1 Introduction to the Concept of Strategic Management and Business Issues – Basic Investment Strategy Unit 2 Planning a New Business Venture: Tackling and Planning Business Priorities Unit 3 Harnessing Complexity – Creativity in Business and a Favourable Investment Strategy Unit 4 Business Continuity Plan Unit 5 Small Businesses – Big Obstacles Unit 6 Decision Support Systems Unit 7 Licensing and Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights Unit 8 Corporate Social Responsibility Reference
Edition: Fall 2007 BKID – B0854 9 April 2008



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Brig. (Dr). R. S. Grewal VSM (Retd.) Pro Vice Chancellor Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical & Technological Sciences Board of Studies Mr. Rajen Padukone Member – Academic Senate, Sikkim Manipal University Ms. Vimala Parthasarathy Prof. K. V. Varambally HOD Director Convener Manipal Institute of Management Department of Management & Commerce Manipal Directorate of Distance Education Sikkim Manipal University Prof. Raj Dorai Mr. Jagadeesh Industry Consultant and Assistant Professor Visiting Faculty, IBA, IFIM and BIM, Department of Management & Bangalore Commerce, Directorate of Distance Education, Sikkim Manipal University Mr. Umesh Maiya Mr. R. Ravindra Rao Assistant Professor Senior Faculty Department of Management & Commerce Manipal Institute of Management Directorate of Distance Education Manipal Sikkim Manipal University Content Preparation Team Content Writing and Compilation Language Editing Prof. Raj Dorai Mr. Shridhar Bhat Industry Consultant and Former Faculty, MUL Visiting Faculty, IBA, IFIM and BIM, Manipal – 576 104 Bangalore Format Editing Mr. Umesh Maiya Assistant Professor Dept. of Management & Commerce Sikkim Manipal University of Health Medical & Technological Sciences (SMU) Manipal – 576 104 Edition: Fall 2007 This book is a distance education module comprising of collection of learning...

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