Descriptive Statistics

Carrie A. Butner
PSY 325
Statistics for Behavioral and Social Sciences
Jonathan Mends-Cole
February 2, 2015

The article, Do Men with Excessive Alcohol Consumption and Social Stability Have an Addictive Personality? Offers excellent insight and research on the topic of alcoholic men and their personalities. This article asks the question of whether or not men with social stability that drink excessively have an addictive personality.
Alcohol affects each person differently. Some are “happy drunks’ and some are ‘mean drunks’. One idea point that everyone agrees on is that alcohol does change or affects an individual’s personality and can be addictive, creating alcoholics.
The insight from the authors of this article is very eye-opening. They use this research and statistics to show men who drink excessively and are socially stable can have addictive personalities. One of the most commonly used typologies is the type one and type two alcoholism developed by Cloninger, Bohman and Sigvansson (1981). Shows the difference. Type one alcoholics are characterized by social stability with late onset alcoholism, few psychological symptoms and social complications. Whereas, Type two alcoholics have earlier onset of alcoholism, more severe dependence with serious social and medical consequences and more severe psychopathology. (Burgland, Roman, Baldin, Berggren, Eriksson, Gustauvsson, and Fahlke, 2011).
The variables used for this study were (n=100) this is the number of men who use alcohol excessively in comparison to the population-based control group of (N=131). (Burglund, Roman, Balldin, Berggren, Eriksson, Gustavsson, and Fahlke, 2011).

The authors of this article hypothesized that male individuals with excessive alcohol consumption do not have a specific “addictive” personality, was confirmed by the statistical research done. (Berglund, Roman, Balldin,...

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