Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

The wide spread arms of freedom

Lady liberty has been a lasting symbol freedom for two hundred years. It is our most sacred symbol of freedom. It was ingeniously designed and engineered by Augusta. There are many symbols in the statue itself.

The statue of liberty is American most sacred symbol of freedom. Proudly, our great statue confronts every person that passes through New York. Bearing a gift. France graciously espoused our great country with this eccentric gift Although it was shipped in pieces, it is now fully out together. It actually came in 214 boxes. The right forearm used to sit in Philadelphia in 1876 before we had the rest of the body. It took ten years to put her together and dedicate her. She now sits on liberty island, which used to be called Billow island. This symbol of freedom will always stand in the hearts of all Americans.

Cunningly, She was designed by audacious Augusta Bartholdi. Alexandra Eiffel also helped. She, 151 ft and 4540000 lbs was built with the most modern inventions. It has an electric elevator. Some electric lights were there. Even reinforced steel was found. Although there was only nineteen lamps between the lead glass in the torch, it gives off enough light to fill the dark musty night. Leading to her crown, there are 108 stairs. The designer probably had no idea how wonderful this gift was.

Many symbols are intertwined in Lady Liberty. Boldly, there is a torch in her right hand. It glows as a symbol of freedom. Although you can’t climb to it anymore her crown holds seven spikes pointing to the seven continents. Lady Liberty enlightens the world. She has graciously greeted countless visitors and immigrants for two hundred years. Held in her right hand, is a tablet. It has the Declaration of Independence and the date it was written, which was July,4,1776.There are also broken chains at her feet. These chains represents the broken bonds from tyrannical government. On the pedestal is a poem written by Emma...

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