Stay Gold

Stay Gold

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Vanessa Scott
Period 7

September 1, 2007
State Wants 2 Countries on Disaster List

Governor Ted Strickland had asked President Bush to put two northwestern Ohio counties to the list of disaster areas due to flooding. President Bush has signed a declaration for disasters last week for areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin. But the cost of the damages in Ohio has not been determined. Also the Director of Ohio Department of Insurance has said that they have received messages saying there is a false “after-the-fact flood polices” that would cover the damages that happened last week. Hudson, who is the director also said that those people who purchased the “after-the-fact flood polices” should know that flood insurance takes 30 days after you have purchased it to take affect. In addition, she said to the people who have purchased the policy to try and request to see and ID or phone number of the person they purchased it from.

August 31, 2007
Suit Filed Over Security Steps at NASA Facility

At one of the top NASA research centers, 28 scientists, engineers, and other employees filed a suit in federal court. Many of them say that the new security measures that have taken place “violate their constitutional rights.” The measures that NASA has taken are they expect the employees to give fingerprinting, background checks, questions and more. An assistant administrator, David R. Mould of NASA, said the employees of the Pasadena laboratory review had required to have a standard background check on them which had correlated equally with the executive-branch government agencies to the people who handle certain information and equipment. Due to the executive order, Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, which was signed by President Bush in 2004, requires the space and other government agencies under the order to develop “a uniform identification system for workers at all federal sites.”


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