Stay Home or Live Away

Stay Home or Live Away

Televisions may prove to be the most dangerous of man’s inventions. Do you agree with this assessment of television?

It takes a thinker to come up with an idea, to which he/she builds upon, to invent something of their choice. As soon as some new breathtaking invention is out in the market, the inventor quickly becomes the user favorite. Taking our thinking back to the early 1800s, not many people thought that in the future there would be something called a car, an aeroplane, a cell phone or a television. But it was not long before some of these items were being invented by some of the great minds of the time. Technological improvements are to help a common person by making their life easier and smoother. Technology should not be abused in any sense and one should learn how to handle it. Having said that, I totally disagree with the saying that televisions prove to be the most dangerous of man’s invention.

One chooses different modes of transportation depending on their luxury and their urgency. Some businessman may fly from Calgary to London in order to save time and make his business more efficient. A family may take a cruise ship to Bahamas in order to enjoy their summer vacation. Likewise one should understand the importance and the need of using the luxuries wisely and not to abuse them.

Car is economical to cover fairly long distances and it is not to show off, cell phones are to be used in emergency and not for unnecessary gossips. Likewise televisions are to be used to gain information about what is happening around the world and not to watch or play games all the time. In my opinion television is one of the most useful inventions of time as I can just sit home and within five minutes be informed about the major headlines. However, there are many features available along with watching news. One can play video games with great graphics like PlayStation 3, but one needs to know the limit of how much time to spend in entertaining themselves, and...

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