Steam Power Plant

Steam Power Plant

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Steam power plant is an important mechanical engineering construction for power generation. It is one of the most efficient ways of producing power for homes and industries. The operation, performance and design of steam power plant will continue to be a subject of importance in engineering.


1. To provide basic practical training in steam power plant engineering.
2. To be able to analyse vapour power plant operation and performance based on the Rankine cycle with the aid of T-s diagrams.
3. To understand the fundamentals of engineering and suggest improvements for better plant design.
4. To study and understand safety and construction features in steam power plant.

6.1a) Schematic representation of steam power plant

6.1b) Description of steam power plant


Common heat source for power plants using the Rankine Cycle include coal, natural gas, oil and nuclear. In our case, we make use of liquefied petroleum gas as the common heat source to boil the distilled water in the boiler so that steam is formed. As the boiler opens, the flame burns in the large pipe and the hot combustion gas returns through the smaller pipes to the exhaust chimney. The burner is mounted at the door, the lower part of it contains water and the upper part contains steam. While many different type of substance can be used in the Rankine Cycle, water is usually the favorable choice, due to its many advantages such as non-toxic, unreactive chemistry, abundance and relatively cheaper cost as well as its thermodynamics properties [1].


The steam is generated at the boiler by evaporating and superheating of water, the steam pass through a valve where it is refined to lower pressure and then enter the turbine where it is expanded. The dry saturated vapor expands through a turbine, generating power that drives the generator [1]. This decrease the temperature and pressure of the vapor, and some condensation may occur....

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