Steel Corp.

Steel Corp.

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UNIT 16 Making and acknowledging payments


• Advise payment

a) We are pleased to enclose a postal order for £534 in payment of your April statement.
b) We have instructed our bank to remit the sum of €200 to the credit of your account Nº 35 45 6678652.
c) We have pleasure in enclosing our banker’s draft for £3456 draw on the Eastland city bank in Honk Kong.
d) A postal cheque for £200 has been drawn on payment of you invoice Nº K432 dated 20th August.

• Confirmation of the payment

a) Could you please acknowledge receipt?
b) Could you please confirm that the bank transfer has been receipt as soon as the correspondent bank advises you?
c) We will be grateful if you could acknowledge receipt?
d) We will be looking forward your confirmation.

• Acknowledge payment

a) We are pleased to tell you that your postal order for £534 has been successfully received.
b) We are pleased to let you know our bank has already advised us that our account has been credited with the sum of £200.
c) Thank you for your banker’s draft for £3456, now your account is completely clear.
d) We are in receipt of your postal cheque for £200.
*We are pleased to acknowledge receipt…


Child’s play Ltd.
48 Commercial Street
Poole, Dorset BH149QW
Tel. 01 202 707 745
E mail:

Mr. J. Martinez Gonzalez Your reference: MG/CC
Juguetes Silva, S.A. Our referente: RP/BD
C/Portugal Nº 21
02081 Albacete
Spain 23rd February 2007

Dear Mr. Martinez,

Invoice Nº 6434/CT

Thank you for your letter of 20th February and the enclosed invoice.

We enclose our Banker’s draft for €257.00 in payment of you invoice Nº24365/4D.

Could you please acknowledge receipt?

We will be looking forward to your confirmation.

Yours sincerely,

Roger Purkins
Accounts manager



La buhardilla, S.A....

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