Stem cells

Stem cells

Some helpful guidelines for design students who are using the design process to find a solution to
an identified or observed problem.

Design Problem - what am I solving?
Describe the identified problem (or problem you have identified). Give as much background
information as you can.
The description should include:
●The cause of the problem - What are the factors that lead to the problem (or design
●Who is affected by the problem?
●Where is the problem situated - Is it local, regional or global?
●Explain why you think that the problem persists.
●What can be done to help solve the problem? What can you do to communicate to
others what the problem is and how they can help themselves?

Analyse the problem – what do I know?
Analysis is the breaking up of a thing into its parts. Therefore the design problem needs
to be broken up and looked at in more detail. Do this graphically and remember that you
are thinking about the design problem not coming up with a design solution.

Design Brief – what am I going to do?
The design brief should be a clear statement of what you can do to answer the problem.
It should include the target group, general dimensions or the scale of the product (ie will
it be a full scale working product or a scale model) and deadline. (Use the following as a
● I will design and create a product that will….
● The product will be targeted towards….
● To create this product I will use the following equipment, hardware and
● The final product will be a fully working model of a product.
● The deadline is …

Research Plan- what do I need to find out?
Identify areas for research. Use the following table to help you plan your research.
What do I
Why do I need to Where and how
Is it from primary or secondary
need to find
know this?
am I going to
sources and is qualitative or
collect this data
quantitative data...

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