Step 4

Step 4

Step 4 Questions Mostly About Adulthood

• When, how and in what instances has your selfish pursuit of sexual pleasures damaged yourself and/or other people? What people were hurt, and how badly?

• Did you spoil your marriage or injure your children through selfish pursuit of sexual relationships and/or your addiction?

• Did you jeopardize your standing in your community through the selfish pursuit of sexual relations and/or your addiction?

• Was I ever caught in compromising positions? If so, did you I feel guilty or try to absolve my guilt and blame it on others?

• How have I reacted to frustration in sexual matters? When denied, did I become vengeful or depressed? Did I "take it out" on other people?

• If there was rejection or coldness at home, did I use this as a reason for promiscuity?

• Did I ever feel lonely and try to get involved sexually to overcome a sense of loneliness? How did I feel after the experience? Did I feel even more lonely?

• If you are or have been married, what kind of person did you marry? How do they remind you of your mother or father?

• Why did you get married? Or if you are not married, why have you not gotten married? How good of reasons do you think that these are in either case?

• Did you marry earlier or later than your peer group?

• If married, do you resent the responsibilities of marriage and family?

• If married, do you allow your family to come between you and your spouse?

• Does your spouse think that you are immature, a baby?

• Have your parents gotten you out of trouble that you should have been able to handle yourself?

• Do you gossip about others?

• Are laws made for other people? Do you have the right to make up your own laws as you go along?

• If revenge were possible now, who would be the top people on your list? Why?

• What...

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