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Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet

Please complete the following exercises, remembering that you are in an academic setting and should remain unbiased, considerate, and professional when completing this worksheet.

Part I

Select three of the identity categories below and name or describe at least 3 related stereotypes for each:

Sexual orientation

Stereotype 1
Stereotype 2
Stereotype 3
Older people are more set in their ways.
Older people are not interested in sex or intimacy.
Older people contribute little to society.
All woman are nuturing.
Men are slobs.
Woman are wimps.
All Asians are geniuses.
White people do not have rhythm.
Afrian Americans are good at basketball.

Part II

Answer each question in 50 to 100 words related to those stereotypes. Provide citations for all the sources you use.

What are the positive aspects of stereotypes, if any? There are not positive aspects of stereotyping even if the stereotype is positive. Such as thinking all Asians are geniuses or all women are nurturing. I do not believe they would take this as a complement, because you are putting them into a category with all other people. You do not seem them as an individual and I believe everyone likes to think they are different from everyone else.

What are the negative aspects of stereotypes? I believe there are no positive aspects of stereotyping. When we stereotype we generalize the person and this takes away from their individually. They think you only see them as, white, black, Asian, women or men. They are all those things, but they are also an individual, and we should learn to see them as them. We must not prejudge from what we see, but what we learn about their character.

Part III

Answer each question in 50 to 150 words related to those stereotypes. Provide citations for all the sources you...

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