Stevia / Stevia Rebaudiana Market Insights and Key Developments

Stevia / Stevia Rebaudiana Market Insights and Key Developments

Though the original stevia miracle was discovered 1500 years ago in Brazil and Paraguay, the Stevia Rebaudiana Market has been successfully gaining popularity once after 2008 when the product became FDA approved. With Rebaudioside A and Stevioside as the key sweetening agents considered in this market report, the global Stevia Rebaudiana Market is expected to grow at a 8.6% CAGR, whereas, the retail sales stevia-based products is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% between forecast period 2015 to 2020.

This market is witnessing a boost in demand for both standalone products as well as the part of food type.

Market Driving Factors:

Increasing research and development in this field is the foundation to the growth. Investments are rising and various organizations are taking lead for funds providing. Apart from these key drivers, the expected rising consumer awareness about stevia market as well as increasing food agency approvals across the countries are further driving the market forward.

Healthcare and lifesciences domain is highly benefitting from the stevia market research and in-depth study. This coupled with obesity and diabetes growth rates are other market drivers to the global stevia industry.
30% of the total countries in the world (that is around 30 countries across the world) have stevia as a legal edible product. The rest 70% are fast approving the item which is going to be a strong driving factor in the near future.

Leading Market Trends:

Apart from the conventional use of stevia as a sweetener, the product is also famous for weight loss purpose which is serving the consumers in a better way. A number of constant researches are happening to figure out the fit-to-consume stevia.

With multiple purposes as sweeteners, weight loss products and additional various health benefits that the stevia offers, more and more agencies are approving it in their countries with passing days.
With the latest news on Stevia having the potential to...

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