Stolen Gen

Stolen Gen

Even though The Stolen Generation has had an extremely negative effect on the families, and friends of these natives, it has played a massive role in becoming one of Australia’s, if not the biggest and most researched tragedy within Australian history. (, the event has become a memorable and utterly known tragedy within Australia’s history and shall remain to stay so for years to come. The Stolen Generation will certainly live on to achieve more research and study in order to inspire people to reclaim more lands and more rights and continue fighting for a fair and equal Australia, and they have enough self-determination to do so.

In conclusion the tent embassy is a campaign to get better outcomes for the indigenous Australians. Even though there have been and will be many repercussion for their actions and methods of making a change they have made themselves responsible for changing Australia and making it equal. The significance and contestability of the Australian tent embassy is so significant that it has changed the history of Australia and has had a major impact on the future of Australia for the indigenous Australians. If the indigenous continue to have a courageous amount of pride and determination then the future of Australia will look bright for them and their land will be restored back to their original owners as well as their culture being restored along with the land.

Bibliography, 6/08/10
This website was very helpful as it had straightforward information but was bias towards aboriginals. The question that this website helped answer was; ‘significance of the tent embassy?’ It was a secondary source and was written from the aboriginal’s point of view.

Wiki/tent embassy, 3/05/09
This source was not very reliable as it’s a wiki site but was helpful when summing up information about the tent embassy. This source was also good because there was no bias it was just stating the...

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