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Author: Anthony Horowitz

Text Type: Novel

Date Completed: 30/8/2008

This text is about a boy called Alex Rider who gets caught up in an action packed mission. Alex Rider is the nephew of a guy called Ian Rider who is a secret spy that works for MI6. Alex was told that his uncle was killed in a car crash by not wearing his seatbelt; Alex’s further investigation proved that he was indeed wearing a seatbelt and got killed by a spray of bullets that had hit the car, this causes Alex to go and investigate more in which he gets tied up in MI6.

I thought that Alex was really lucky because he got to go and get trained by the SAS who are one of the best in the world at what they do. I also thought that he was brave and strong in that they had to go on a huge hike with a 10kg backpack and if they got lost they wouldn’t come out alive. He was also brave that he accepted to go on the mission that his uncle got killed on. I thought that it was awesome that he got to become a teenage Super spy.

My favourite character was Alex Rider because of all his determination and courage and perseverance this is shown in the text below.

“Alex hurt. The 10-kilogram Bergen rucksack he had been forced to wear cut into his shoulders and had rubbed the blisters on his back.”

This text illustrates the determination and perseverance that Alex has as he does his training with the SAS.

“It was the ninth – or maybe tenth – day of training. Time had begun to dissolve into itself, as shapeless as the rain.”

I personally think this is an excellent book and is full of action like when he goes through the window and shoots the guy.
I think the author was excellent in the way he wrote it.

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