Storytelling in Marketing

Storytelling in Marketing

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“Sell a story, tell a product.”

Storytelling has been one of the oldest arts in the human history, ¿Why we would use something that old for an innovating idea? Stories are carried with feelings, and sensations, they transport you to the an exact place where you can feel the cold air in your cheeks, you can smell the roses, and hear the rush of the water. The key Word: Emotions.

Times in Marketing has changed, in the last years the strategy was cold and undirected to the costumer, now marketing is trying to reconnected with them. By telling a story, you start with “Once upon a time” creating a background so the person that will be hearing your story feels that he is part of that beginning, he satisfies his necessity of belonging, so as the story keep growing he will feel identify and emotionally correspond with the story of the brand and not just to the product. The Brand Storytelling, is giving the costumer more than a product to or a bunch of numbers and statistics. The idea is humanizing brands through the power of Storytelling.

I’ve choosed this topic because it’s very intersting for me to see how people always get back to the roots, how it behaves with the idea of a story and how it reacts when the story is focus in a daily product. But how the simple fact of creating a context, gives the product and the Brand a value for the people too.
The idea of creating stories is what i like the most.


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