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Stout Street Foundation

|[pic] |ISO Document Title: |
|HID Global Corporation |Supplier Corrective Action Request |
| |Document Number: |Revision: B |
| | | |
| |SCAR (TestTrackPro) # 1835 | |
| |Date: 05/19/2011 | |

HID Contact:

Mario Orozco Direct Phone: 949 732 2314

Supplier or Subcontractor Information

Company Name: Contact Person:

Fax: Email:
Non conformity due to :

HID Customer Complaint HID production issue HID Incoming issue

Delivery & Product information

Supplier/SC Product: J W Reffel Metals Foundry Inc.

HID Purchase Order No: 11022781 Invoice No: 11-1336

Delivery No: Batch No:

HID Part No: 1100-3598 Received Date: 04/28/2011

Quantity Received: 109 pcs. Quantity Rejected: 51 pcs.

Problem Description

Issue: scratches. Failed sample size (1 out of 20).
100% sorted and found 50 more.
[pic] [pic]

HID Global Disposition:

Returned to you for evaluation Returned to you for rework or replacement
We will use these parts Reworked at your expense
But these defects must be corrected Returned at your expense

Parts sent back to : xxxxxx On this date: xxxxxx

Following section to be completed by supplier or subcontractor

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