STR 581 Week 6 Capstone Final Exam

STR 581 Week 6 Capstone Final Exam

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1. A(n) ________ market share of exactly 100 percent means that a company is tied for the market lead. A rise in relative market share means the company is gaining on its leading competitor.
• potential
• relative
• served
• overall

2. The typical risks of a cost leadership strategy include___________.
• loss of customer loyalty
• excessive differentiation to the point where the customer base is too small
• the inability to balance high differentiation and low price
• production and distribution processes becoming obsolete

3. The likelihood of entry of new competitors is affected by and ___________.
• the power of existing suppliers; buyers
• the profitability of the industry; the market share of its leading firm
• barriers to entry; expected retaliation of current industry organizations
• the demand for the product; the profitability of the competitors

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4. In general, compared with firms which compete in only one market, among firms which face one another in multiple markets there is__________.
• similar competitive rivalry
• more competitive rivalry
• less competitive rivalry
• no competitive rivalry

5. The three parts of the external environment which affect a firm's strategic actions are__________.
• economic, political, and legal
• industry, business, and product
• local, national, and global
• general, industry, and competitor

6. The proper matching of what a firm can do with what a firm might do__________.
• balances the internal characteristics of the firm with the characteristics of the external environment
• overcomes the rigidity and inertia resulting from a history of success
• develops core competencies based on human knowledge
• yields insights the firm requires to select its strategy

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