Stragetic Plan Development

Stragetic Plan Development

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Running head: TQM Assignment

Catherine Myers
University Of Phoenix

Quality Management and Productivity

Tammy Cobb
November 28, 2008
Total Quality Management is defined as success over time which is continually improving in every area of an organization. The success is not intended to be short term; it is intended to be long term ( TQM goes beyond the 'product quality' approach, involving everyone in the organization, and surrounds its every function administration, communications, distribution, manufacturing, marketing, planning, training, etc. The Term Total Quality Management was first used in 1980 by the US Naval Air Systems Command. The term has taken on many meanings in the past two decades. Everyone in the organization has a high level of commitment and direct involvement, from the lowest employees all the way up to higher management. Organizations realized to keep up with the ever changing business world they would have to make changes in their basic beliefs and practices. Organizations also started to commit to making sure it was producing quality products in the first place. Total Quality Management is about involving everyone in the organization to set their standards high.


The impact globalization has had on total quality management is, organizations have had to keep ahead of the competition. Globally there is much more competition for quality products. Keeping costs down and profits up is necessary in organizations that are global. Depending on the county an organization is trading with certain restrictions may apply to the goods being exported. Globalization has made it possible for very poor countries to widen their customer data base. It has been said globalization is bad for poor countries because they cannot compete with the richer countries and organizations. IBM is an example of a company that has thrived through globalization.

“In November, 2004, IBM, along with representatives of...

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