Strategic Aims and Objectives

Strategic Aims and Objectives

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For unit 1 P3 we have to outline the rationale of the strategic aims and objectives of two contasting organisations. We had to choose the same company and local sports club as by p1 and p2. I had chosen Texaco and as my local sports club Tennis club Monnickendam.

I had chosen Texaco because I walk every day near by one of the companys and I had chosen TCM because I play there already tennis for many years.

Table of contents:
1: Introduction and table of contents 1
2: Smart 2
3: Key factors 3
4: Sponsor contract 4 and 5
5: Conclusion 6


To outline strategic aims and objectives you have to use the word
Time related

The aim most be unique.

Under which measurable term is the aim accomplice.

Is the target going to accept the aim.

The aim has to be achievable.

Time related:
The aim has to be accomplice in a selected time.

Aims Texaco wants to have more profit and more costumers:

Texaco wants to have 20 costumers more a day that’s 20%.
Texaco also wants to make 5% more profit a year. The goal is achievable but then Texaco have to make more advertisement so they can start a campaign or they can sponsor for example my tennis club, and then the tennis club members will see the logo and will go tank over there. The goal is easy to achieve

The aim of my tennis club is to have more members:

My Tennis Club Monnickendam wants to have 100 members more in one year. The club can maybe make advertisements and maybe start up trials to achieve the aim.


There are 3 key factors what affect the structure that an organisation chooses to adopt:
• Size
• Business environment
• Strategic plans

The larger the organisation is , the more formal the structure tends to become, in order to coordinate larger numbers of workers, departments, and/or diversity...

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