Strategic Alignment

Strategic Alignment

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Strategic Alignment and Execution Plan

Human Resource Department
Sales and Marketing Department

Catherine Young
John Hawes
Fall Quarter 2008
Course No. BUS3010


Executive Summary 1

Human Resource Department

Mission Statement 2
Organizational Structure 2
Purpose Statement 3
Goals 3
Tasks and Activities 3
Performance Standards 4

Sales and Marketing Department

Mission Statement 4
Organizational Structure 5
Purpose Statement 6
Goals 6
Tasks and Activities 6
Performance Standards 7

Zilack Corporation is the sole manufacturer of a unique product. It produces the Zilack Coffee Cup with a patented ball bearing sliding mechanism. Zilack markets its product through a supportive network of regional distributors and through its on-line purchase center. Zilack Corporation and its Executive Management Team have set a goal of doubling the current company's $5 million in sales in the next year. To accomplish this goal every functional area in the company is to develop, organize, plan and implement tasks and activities to align their department with the company's goal of doubling sales.
Zilack Corporation assigned special goals to it leaders who in turn have provided their managers outlines of tasks needed to help each area succeed. Every Zilack employee will know what they are to do, how or why they are to do it, and the quality and performance standard and how well they are doing. Organization is crucial. Zilack recognizes that additional resources are necessary. The Executive Team has authorized hiring of an additional 33 employees. The new hires will be allocated to each functional area according to their needs.

I. Mission Statement

The Human Resource Department of Zilack Corp is to guide, facilitate and coordinate company-wide efforts to provide innovative, cost-effective human resource programs and activities with measurable outcomes in...

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