Strategic Analysis and Management: Job Roles

Strategic Analysis and Management: Job Roles

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QUESTION: What are the responsibilities or roles of a strategic manager in strategic formulation?

The CEO is the individual within the organization who is ultimately responsible for the development and implementation of the overall Strategic Plan. The CEO and Senior Management will be responsible for providing active leadership within the strategic planning process in the following manner:

▪ Monitor environmental trends and assess their implications for the organization and its medical staff.
▪ Play a lead role in recommending system-wide strategic objectives including growth and financial performance targets.

- Organize and analyze quantitative and qualitative data; draft documents for committee and board review.

▪ Conduct appropriate business analysis of current organizational performance as well as opportunities and threats to programs and services provided by the organization and its medical staff.
▪ Help identify and evaluate options for action; formulate recommendations to be reviewed by various Board committees including the Strategic Planning Committee, the Physician Advisory Committee, ad hoc task forces and by the full Board.
▪ Provide appropriate opportunity for involvement of both board members and physicians in major strategic decisions before those decisions are finalized.
▪ Ensure that the Board's policies related to physician participation in strategic planning and strategic decision-making are adhered to; and work with medical staff leadership to address problems that develop.
▪ Actively pursue possibilities and evaluate new opportunities for fulfilling the organization's vision and strategic objectives.
▪ Do whatever is required to successfully implement the Strategic Plan and achieve approved organizational goals and objectives.

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