Strategic Human Resource Developmet

Strategic Human Resource Developmet

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Strategic Human Resource Development:

The word strategy refers to long term plan that company develops and translates in its operations. It facilitates decisions such as product development, acquisition of firm, take over and other business pronouncement. Organizations adopt strategies for optimum utilization of its resources without exploitation. Similarly Strategic human resource development involves long term policies, procedures and measures which organization take to develop it human resources. It is a method in which learning or performance of knowledge process relating to emergent strategic orientation of companies is made possible. The major concern of strategic human resources development is development of skills that executives, manager and employees may require. It is also concerned to formulation and implementation of strategy. Strategic human resources mostly concerned to long term view of HR policies.

Salient Features of Strategic Human Resource Development:

• Strategic human resource development brings an alignment between grand strategy of Company and strategic orientation of company as well as strategic human resources development.
• It promotes relationship between management and development of human resources of the company.
• It supports strategic development of human resource at operational level and at the same time it also promotes strategic human resource development as part of personal development.
• Strategic human resource development plays a vital role integration of training and development system in business planning.
• It facilitates interaction between line manager and individual responsible for carrying out human resource development activities.
• By implementing strategic human resource development system the entire setup of human resource goes hand to hand with organizational culture.
• Strategic human resource development has positive impact on continued competitiveness of company.
• It develops certain...

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