Strategic Job Family Model Compared to the Strategic Values Model

Strategic Job Family Model Compared to the Strategic Values Model

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Week #2 Assignment:

From: Zane Allyn

To: Mike Thirtle, PhD

Subject: Strategic Job Family Model compared to the Strategic Values Model

Date: 9/20/09

In this memo, I will compare and contrast the Strategic Job Family model with the Strategic Values Model as described in the text by Kaplan and Norton. I will further illustrate these models through hypothetical examples from The Desert Sun Publishing Company

The Strategic Job Family Model and The Strategic Values Model (SJF and SVM respectively) are approaches to the human capital development program in an organization. Both models aim to articulate the strategy of the organization from upper management throughout the company. Yet, work to achieve this goal in separate ways.

Strategic Job Family Model: Takes into account that there is a subset of all the jobs in every organization that attribute most to the organization’s success. In the SJF model these key jobs are determined in order to effectively plan and execute development and capital programs in support. HR and management focus their development on these key positions (Kaplan, Norton).

1. First, the organization identifies the strategic job families. Again, these are those, which contribute the most to the overall strategy or change in strategy for the organization. This list will most likely be about 10% of the workforce of the organization.

2. Second, once these jobs have been determined a competency profile is created to include the knowledge, skills and values associated with each job in detail. This provides a framework from which HR and department managers can use when hiring, promoting or training for these specific positions.

3. Third, the organization looks at qualifications and skills. Of those currently in the strategic families. This includes real dialogue with the individual to gain a clear understanding of the role, along with feedback as to their performance. Coupled along with an approach to...

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