Strategic Management Process. Sunway group

Strategic Management Process. Sunway group

The strategic management process means defining the organization’s strategy. It is also defined as the process by which managers make a choice of a set of strategies for the organization that will enable it to achieve better performance. Strategic management is a continuous process that appraises the business and industries in which the organization is involved; appraises its competitors and fixes goals to meet all the present and future competitor’s and then reassesses each strategy.

Sunway group has thrived to become one of Malaysia’s most formidable property-construction groups, with a multitude of established businesses in more than 40 locations worldwide. Sunway Group's core businesses consist of an Integrated Properties division which is a consolidation of its Property Development, Hospitality, Retail, Leisure and commercial properties in Malaysia as well as overseas. Other business divisions include Construction, Trading & Manufacturing, Quarry, Building Materials, Healthcare, Education and Information Technology. The Group has strong worldwide presence including businesses in the UAE (Abu Dhabi), Trinidad & Tobago, China, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand.

Sunway group use strategy formulation that consist vision and mission of the company. The vision is to be the leading regional property-construction group. Sunway Berhad holds the leadership positions in a multitude of industries, driven by its core businesses of property and construction. With a vision of becoming the region’s leading property-construction group, they will constantly innovate to deliver value, build synergistic and achieve the highest standards of quality and excellence.

The mission of the company are innovating to deliver value underpins of relentless efforts to drive positive and sustainable change in the way they work and operate to create values for all of the stakeholders. Second, building synergistic and sustainable...

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