Strategic Management

Strategic Management




DEC 2011

Case Study:


Many corporations and organizations establish their own information management and knowledge management systems in order to collect and organize useful and valuable information and knowledge in order to understand the industries, internal and external business environment. It is expected that the sharing of information and knowledge allows everyone in the corporations can have better management skills to achieve business objectives and understand organizational strategy.

Though information and knowledge are both important to development of a business, there are differences between them. Information is a large amount of raw facts collected from data, while knowledge is a set of information, skills or data acquired through a wide range of experiences. is the first price comparison website in the UK established in 2002. At the very beginning it was a car insurance comparison site, now it is a site comparing a wide range of products and services, such as travel insurance, household products, utilities, hotels, consumer electronic products. Being the largest and most successful comparison website of the country, it is worth analyzing its information and knowledge management system and understanding its strategic information needs.

Assessment of the Strategic Information Needs of

There are some major competitors in the industry, such as,,, so has to understand its competitive advantages among its competitors by identifying its business strategy and organizational strategy. As a result, the Company can identify the information about the industry and its competitors is valuable and meaningful to its business development. Business Strategy
According to the annual report...

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