Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Jan Rusty Fuellas
Assessment 2

1. Aside from reduction of overall electricity, the city library can add more objectives regarding sustainability such as:

a. Acknowledging the importance of taking care of the surrounding environment. As a public library, the management should put into mind that their institution can be a leading example of sustainability.
b. Compliance with relevant legislation is vital in achieving the overall goal of the library.
c. Developing partnerships with other institution with same sustainability policies so that institutions and programs can learn from each other.
These objectives can help the city library achieve is overall goal of sustainability putting in mind the financial and social viability of the policy and its overall impact to the environment and the community in the long run.


A. In today’s modern world, continuous improvement is a compulsory requirement in all areas of an organisation’s performance. It is required so that an organisation can be globally competitive and that efficiency can be increased continuously along with effectiveness in all aspect of the organisation. Continuous improvement can be applied and implemented through 5 steps:
1. Commitment and policy
Commitment should be initiated by the senior management so that the organisation as a whole have a sense of direction and to ensure that commitment is instituted in all levels towards achieving the goals and aspiration of the organisation.
2. Planning
This is will evaluate how good the previous planning processes worked and to know what improvements should be included in future planning.

3. Implementation
This is to observe and recheck the implementation strategies focusing on the communication strategies used with all the stakeholders.
4. Measurement and evaluation

Measuring improvements in sustainable performance promotes a sense of accountability and keeps morale and motivation high among the workers.

5. Review and...

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