Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

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A group of designer at Disney produce a theme park with a grand view of the wilderness in the form of a themed hotel. A design build on carefully contrast ideas of nature. The idea for the project was supported by Micheal Einsner, CEO of Disney. He relates to the memories of the outdoor through boyhood experience in the Adirondacks. The team at Walt Disney set up the Wilderness Park to show the natural beauty and significance of the wilderness in the natural form.

The Wilderness Lodge is a four-star hotel set in the growing complex of Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The lodge is design to convey the experience of staying in a grand Western national park hotel. Has over 700 rooms and located in steamy central Florida. The idea of the lodge is to capitalize on deeply held American beliefs about the wilderness, simple lifestyle of the frontier and Native American Constructed realities has produce 3 separate theme park, a shopping village and several attracting areas on a 28,000-acre property owned and manage by Disney.

The lodge fits into Disney World in a specific way creating a forest in a Florida Swamp to look natural in the surrounding. Emphasizing certain element for the story of the lodge. The human struggle against the wilderness of the frontier under human control express through physical and ideological ways. The lodge and the history is firmly place within the ideological bounds of Disney.

The lodge appears constructed of logs and is covered with many green roof. The visitor is greeted on arrival by faux- park ranger dressed in uniform. In a tranquil setting, Timberland Drive leads the visitor to enter new realm of the design element, as one pass through a dramatic gate. The tree becomes fuller and more coniferous. A few redwood trees in the median strip close to the main entrance of the lodge is introduce into the foreign environment.


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