Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper
Jamie Steward

MGT/429 Quality Management and Productivity
University of Phoenix
January 2009

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction
Riordan Manufacturing is a successful international plastics manufacturing company with an objective to promote customer satisfaction through a strategic quality management plan. During last year’s performance Riordan total quality management vision of working through the complexity of globalization, International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9000) or Six Sigma program is continuously improving. This report will discuss the quality management linked to Riordan strategic plan and strategic objectives, analysis of a process improvement plan that the company currently uses, example of tools and techniques used to measure quality and customer satisfaction and who has the ultimate responsibility for quality assurance
Strategic Plan and Strategic Objectives.

The Riordan Manufacturing Corporation Total Quality Management concept at the strategic level links the plan with the objectives by a series of checks and balances. The Riordan Manufacturing Corporation is an ISO 9000 compliant company and also has an ISO 9000 certification program that is its governing body that insures a company if conforming to a set rule of standardization.
Six Sigma programs that the Riordan Company uses trains the management to think in terms of total quality by scrutinizing the data collection process, and having exceptionally well trained teams, decipher the data before strategic decisions are made. The Six Sigma program also incorporates feedback and data monitoring from the floor up, which is crucial for total quality management. Without total commitment from the very top of an organization Six Sigma will not work. Many of the data driven decisions that come from the disciplines taught by the program...

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