Strategy and Policy Committee

Strategy and Policy Committee

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16 JUNE 2011

REPORT 5 (1215/52 IM)



Purpose of report

This paper seeks approval for the public release of the draft Wellington 2040 City Strategy. This paper includes information on proposed engagement and consultation activities, including the role of Councillors in engaging the public on their views on the directions proposed by Wellington 2040. Subject to any changes agreed by this Committee, engagement and consultation resources will be available for public release on 20 June 2011.


Executive summary

This report seeks approval from the Strategy and Policy Committee (SPC) to undertake public engagement and consultation on the draft Wellington 2040 City Strategy and Central City Framework, both attached as drafts. It is proposed that the public consultation on this material take place from Monday 20 June to Friday 19 August 2011. The Wellington 2040 Strategy is a high-level strategy focusing on the challenges that the city needs to respond to now to secure Wellington’s future success. It is a 30 year, whole-of-city strategy that defines and positions Wellington’s future direction. Wellington needs to respond to some big challenges. We have witnessed the fate of cities in other parts of the world, the American rust belt for example, that have failed to plan and understand what actions need to be taken now and in the medium and longer-term to ensure the future success of the city. Wellington 2040 is a strategy based on research and an understanding of Wellington’s strengths and challenges and developed in partnership with the community. It will be an essential resource to support the Council’s leadership role in the city and a framework to guide decision-making on future priorities and investments, particularly the Long-Term Plan 2012-22.

The Central City Framework, along with the draft Digital Strategy presented to Committee last week, is one...

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