Strees Reduction

Strees Reduction

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Name: Ahmad
Date: March 30, 2010
Dealing with Stress
Last month I had my roughest and toughest work days in my whole life. In the day, when I finished my project with my colleagues, I felt dizzy and fell on the floor. So, they rushed toward me and tried to wake me up. I barely can open my eyes and felt like dying. After this incident, I went to visit a doctor for checking up my health status and analysis what happened to me that day. The doctor said to me, stress will kill you if you kept it that way. So, he advises me to run for at least thirty minutes every day.

Running for thirty minutes became my favorite method to reduce my stress I like to do it through several steps.

First, I look for a calm and nice place. Such a place should contain trees, birds, and a lake. Beautiful nature will help me refreshes my body and mind. A side walk would be on a farm or highway is nice place to run too. However, walking path is necessary for my safety while running. Cars and bicycles would ruin my running exercise, and pollute the air.

Second, I choose my most comfortable clothes. I start by wearing comfortable sneakers. This is an important step because it helps me avoid feet pain. A good pair of running sneakers can really absorb the pressure on my feet especially while running at high speed. Light clothe, such as shorts and cotton T-shirt, will let me have smooth running, cotton is great for sweat absorption. Also, I like to listen to classic music while running. For example, Alicia┬┤s Keys piano playing is my best choice.

Finally, I grab my favorite drink. Drinking coffee all day tenses the stress in my body. I prefer lemon juice. This juice helps me relax. Also, I have some energy bars on my way. These bars will maintain my body's energy level stable.

In the opinion, following these steps will reduce the stress level. Some people prefer other techniques to reduce the pressure through their preferences, but I recommend jogging to relieve the stress. And...

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