Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths and Weaknesses

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My complex personality consists of many strengths and weaknesses, some I am aware of, and others I may have not identified quite yet. After
examining some of my strengths as the person I am right now, being sociable is the first that came to mind. I like to surround myself with lots of friends. I
enjoy talking to people and yet can also be a very attentive listener. For me, nothing quite takes the place of a good conversation. I could sit and talk with
friends or family for hours over a meal, coffee, or few drinks. I like to be around people who are like me: curious, creative and interested in discovering as
much as they can about life and the world around them. However I am extremely broad-minded, so it is not necessary for my friends to share my ideas or
even my values. In fact, I appreciate a good debate, which means that I have plenty of friends that do disagree with my views. I resolve any differences by
compromise, empowering me to have a wide social circle. As easy as it is for me to attract new pals, I believe friendships need to be tended, so I keep a
busy correspondence even with those who live at a distance. I am a people pleaser and enjoy entertaining, always able to make the most diverse group of
people feel at home.

I am also creative. Not so much artistic, but more in my own way. I just simply seem to enjoy doing things differently. I have a great sense of

style, fashion, and and decoration. My creativity is best when cooking, choosing my outfit, writing, and gift giving. Even though I do have a creative side, my
perfectionism always seems to get in the way. I have a tendency to be to hard on myself and too critical when it comes to my creative ideas, that most do
not even recognize this as being one of my strengths. Once I am able to overcome my perfectionism, I believe my creativity will shine.

Beneath my charming exterior, I can be seen as indecisive and self-centered. Naturally this may be the result due to...

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